About Us

Commercial property analysis made easy!

PropYield started life as a useful valuation tool being the brainchild of a forward thinking chartered surveyor, (formerly www.yield-calulator.co.uk). Designed as a means of carrying out long-winded calculations without the need for lengthy and numerous spreadsheets, PropYield simplifies commercial property investment analysis.

After great results in reducing the time and ease of accurate valuations from hours to minutes, PropYield has since been developed further by embracing the advice, opinion and expertise of leading professionals.

The goal was to create a dynamic online multifunction platform - the Swiss-army knife of the commercial property industry!

The latest version has been refined to provide a whole new dimension of property analysis that is not only lightning-quick but enables the user to incorporate realistic debt assumptions into their analysis.

And it doesn't stop there...

PY provides an exciting new dimension to property analysis with the ability to re-calculate or goal seek detailed appraisals from a user’s preferred focal point. Simply change one of a large number of the component parts and watch the immediate effect on valuation and subsequent investor returns.

Whether you wish to calculate a specific value, the amount of equity that you wish to provide, or even a minimum return on investment, PropYield enables a user to do this in seconds. The findings can then be presented professionally to advisors, banks or joint venture partners via the straight forward print, save and email functions.

Long live PY!